A little over a year ago I had the absolute pleasure of working with YouTube star Lindsey Hughes aka Beauty Baby44, decorating and styling her (then new) downtown digs (below), so when little sister Meghan decided to make a move and try on her own LA loft for size, I think I jumped with glee.  No, wait, I know I did.

living room  bedroom view  chalkboard

Every bit as bight eyed and bushy tailed as big sis Lindsey, Miss Meghan Makeup (to her YouTube fans) could not have been more different style wise and upon our first meeting a quick glance around her still unpacked loft (below) gave me a few clues into her design aesthetic.  She loves sunflowers, has a thing for dream catchers and resides somewhere between eclectic bohemian and semi-rooted gypsy — miles and miles away from Lindsey’s more glam decor.

mh-before-4 mh-before1 mh-before-5 mh-before-3

So, where to begin knowing this dynamic duos’ style seemed to live on separate continents?  Where I always do, with Pinterest.  Whenever I meet a new client for the first time I always ask for images, images of what inspires them, what tickles their fancy or simply what they want the end result to resemble.  I want pictures because words and definitions like romantic or eclectic just get in the way.  Design and style are waaaaay to subjective to be summed up in conventional terms so board it up, baby!

Once I get an idea of the kind of space my clients want to dwell in, I then start honing in on their likes and dislikes with my own board that merges their desires with the “constants” of the project – architectural details, size of space, budget – and all the creative “variables” – colors, patterns, textures and furniture preferences.   And then viola!  An aesthetic is narrowed down, inspiration is born and the creative juices start flowing.


at-pic-1Sending me this article from Apartment Therapy of the Vintage Bohemian Hilltop Home in Eagle Rock, CA, Meghan knew what she wanted, and so did I.  Looking through the sun drenched images of a well loved home filled with trinkets and treasures a plenty, I knew my initial instincts were in alignment with Meghan’s unique style and I instantly got to work searching for the ways and the means to transform her modern and cold concrete and brick loft into a warm and spirited boho sanctuary.

at-pic-3 at-pic-2 at-pic-5

From my Pinterest board based on the vintage inspired villa of her dreams (above), Meghan zoned in on this tonal and rich living room (below) to relocate itself into her life along with this bright and whimsical boho bedroom.

mh-living-room-inspo  mh-bedroom-inspo

Taking cues from both pics, the hunt began for a few key pieces: a leather couch, a killer rug and a trove of vibrant global textiles.  The next step, texture and layers.  Adding different kinds of materials like a leather couch, a wood bed, a wicker coffee table provides the texture that creates interest and depth and a more of a “I’ve had this for ages kind of look.”  It’s more of a collection of curated treasures than a “I bought the matching set and doesn’t it look brand spankin new,” vibe.

mh-sunlight-room mh-bed-2

Layering your textiles, the rugs, the indigo mudcloths, the pillows – and mixing patterns and colors also helps add dimension and character and really lets the room’s screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-11-04-06-pmpersonality shine.  But no boho space would be complete without a generous serving of plant life!  When I think bohemian, a heavy heap of green always comes to mind and to give this loft it’s friendly foliage, I took inspiration straight from the source.  I used this image from The Jungalow’s new kitchen to create the urban jungle nestled in an odd corner of Meghan’s loft to create a dramatic display with true gypsy soul.


By simply adding a shelf, a payload of green glass and brassy golds mixed in with matte black vases, an undeniable boho presence is now firmly rooted alongside the suddenly disappearing brick and concrete and sets the stage for all of Meghan’s eclectic knickknacks galore.

mh-lush mh-lush-4 mh-lush-2

Oh, and guess what, they’re all fake!  Well, 90% of them anyway.  Yup, faux foliage!  I wasn’t about to force a 19 year old to suddenly sprout a green thumb or schedule her life around watering plants so I decorated in accordance with the drought and went the water conservation route.  Spend a little bit more up front and find out how much greener the grass really is on the other side when there’s no maintenance.

mh-bare-wall  mh-living-room-long  mh-garden

As for the bedroom corner of her loft, we pretty much started from scratch.  Even this lonely little mattress on the floor got an upgrade thanks to Casper, who also unexpectedly mh-bed-beforeupgraded Ms Makeup from a double to a queen sized mattress and threw me for my first makeover loop.  That little nook isn’t big enough for a queen bed frame and 2 nightstands so we installed floating nightstands from Owl Designed on Etsy and couldn’t be happier with the result!

Knowing Meghan joyfully spends her time dreaming big and embracing the whole of life, I chose this fairy tale like art piece from Sugarboo Designs to anchor her slumber and used it as my palette and my inspiration to finish off her sleeping quarters.  I again chose a variety of materials and textures and found just the right textiles, including this vibrant vintage Kantha quilt that finishes the space perfectly!

mh-bedroom-after    screen-shot-2016-11-12-at-10-47-43-pm

 Want more?  Check out what we used and how you can Get The Look: Miss Meghan Makeup’s Boho Loft.