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If you’ve opened a magazine lately, and I mean just about any home, life, fashion or style magazine, you’ve no doubt taken notice to those sometimes bright but always recognizable Moroccan rugs adorning floors (and sometimes even walls) with zero location discrimination.  Perfect in bedrooms, bathrooms (yup, I said bathrooms), living rooms and nurseries alike, the trade routes from your floor to North Africa are wide open!

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So what makes these rugs so magical and why hasn’t the crazy subsided?  Well for starters they come in just about every price point and every color.  Now that’s not to say one loomed in Jamaica, NJ is the real deal, but maybe authentic isn’t at the top of your list and style reigns supreme.  There’s no shame in that — if grabbing the version is what transforms your space and gives you the warm fuzzies, angst free, then by all means go for it — chances are no one will know the difference anyway.

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Another reason is color, from vibrant pinks to understated oranges, along with the creamy winter whites and soft browns, Moroccan rugs are every bit as fashionable as they are functional. Because depending on the variety, or region or tribe these rugs herald from, one can find the perfect color and perfect function for any rug and lay claim to any room deemed worthy.

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And while they might be “on trend” now, an investment in a Moroccan rug will no doubt last you as long as you care for it and will withstand the test of time in every sense of the word.  Considered timeless to many inter designers and decorators alike,  these beauties will keep your space beautiful long past this magic carpet ride  — and the next one.  Simply put they are the perfect marriage of fashion and function with solid foundations in durability and class.

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So which one’s right for you?  Well, what’s your space like and what’s your style?  Moroccan rugs, specifically the Beni Ourain variety,  have a unique ability to warm up a modern space with their Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 5.43.56 PMsometimes (but not always) shaggy textures while their clean tribal lines fit in perfectly with this often cold and minimal style.  The Beni Ourain variety is what you’ve most likely encountered by simply being alive in 2105-16, but beyond the knock-off’s one can garner from Bed Bath and Beyond,

“Beni Ourain rugs are considered the most prestigious Moroccan rugs, made from the very finest wool. Every rug you take is the only piece, one of its kind. These Beni Ourain rugs are luxurious and perfect for any sort of home design.”


If your style is more eclectic and you see yourself as more of a true ( and I mean hard core by many standards) Bohemian/Jungalow lover, then try the more playful and always colorful Boucharouette or Boucherouite rugs.  Also specific to Moroccan tribes and regions, these carpets are fashioned from scraps and originated out of necessity and poverty and only recently were credited for their Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 5.55.26 PMinherent artistry and beauty.

“In these, often very modest, households, the Berbere women weave carpets out of discarded scraps of material. A thousand scraps of cotton, nylon and occasionally wool are woven into these fabulous decorative creations.

The contrast between the poverty of the materials used and the richness of the final composition adds to these awe-inspiring works of modern art.

Until recently these rag rugs were of no commercial value, they were not even exposed by the souk shopkeepers, yet an interest has been born and has spread from Europe to the USA and Japan.”


If you find your taste somewhere in the middle, Azilal Moroccan rugs are “absolutely unique” and fall in line with both your wild side and your need to color within the lines.

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“Azilal rugs feature great creativity in terms of design; they combine irregular and abstract patterns with numerous Berbers symbols and diamonds based graphics. They are often decorated with colored materials such as wool and cotton tainted with vegetable dye or threads of recycled cloth of different colors. Azilal carpets’ background is ivory /cream, made of natural virgin wool.”


Whatever your style and whatever your space, I’m finding the magic carpet ride is far from over. Each and every timeI step into a new clients space and spy one or I read a new prospective client’s design-style profile, Mocorran rugs remain coveted item.  So go ahead and hop on and enjoy the view!

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