I suppose it’s only natural for a young YouTube starlet to spill all the nitty gritty to her fans, so here it is!  Go ahead and love it or lust for it, either way I’ve got all the details below in case you want/neeeeeed to grab it!

One quick disclaimer, as above, so below – or for the most part.  Not everything is still available or I bought vintage, so I gave you some in stock options instead.  Living room first, row by row and left to right (like reading a book):


Row 1 — Leather couch: overstock.com; 6 drawer dresser: overstock.com; indigo mudcloths: local flea market but can find on Etsy; Butteryfly art: Society6.com; Shibori tapestry: Urbanoutfitters.com

Row 2 — Wicker truck/table: pier1.com; Turkish rug: Etsy.com; Faux plants: Rolling Greens/Amazon.com; Wood planter: Target.com; Faux plants: Target.com

Row 3 — Throw pillows: Target.com; Green glass vases: Target; Brass hooks: Amazon.com; Overdyed rug: 1800getarug.com;

Row 4 — Moon Phases art: Society6.com; Floor pillows (kilim): Etsy.com; Feather/shell tapestry: Pinterest.com; Round belt mirror: HomeGoods; Kilim Runner rug: Ebay.com;

Row 5 — Double macrame hanging planter: Amazon.com; Jute rug: overstock.com; Indigo mudcloth pillows: Etsy.com; Brass elephant: Target.com; Bone inlay boxes: HomeGoods

mh-desk-before mh-desk

The desk, which Meghan originally wanted to toss and now just might be her favorite thing in her loft, was her own and I simply got to work with a big jug of Mod Podge and a mudcloth!

As for the matching blue curio cabinet and stool, those 2 items I scored at a vintage shop along with the end table next to her couch.  mh-sunlight-roomFor the end table I just swapped out the tacky red velvet it was wearing for an African Kuba cloth I picked up at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.  I think the table might be my favorite find!

If you’re looking for a curio cabinet, a quick google search will give you lots of options.

And if I’m missing anything here, remember I did work with some existing pieces of Meghan’s so it’s quite possible it’s not here because she already owned it.

Moving on to the bedroom:


Same deal applies, I did my best to stick to what I used, and only when no longer unavailable did I swap it out.  So, if you don’t see it, you can’t buy it, but you can still love it!


Row 1 — Wood Art: SugarbooDesigns.com; Indigo Mudcloth: Flea Market; Floating nightstand: Owl Designs on Etsy.com; Kilim Poufs: Etsy.com; Washed blue pillow shams: Target.com

Row 2 — Moroccan Lanterns: Amazon.com; Bed Frame and storage boxes: Ikea; Casper Mattress: Casper.com; Umbra Trigg Wall planter: Amazon.com

Row 3 — Paisley Sheets: Amazon.com; Picture Frames: Ikea; Mudcloth pillow: Etsy.com; Kantha Quilt: vintage one of a kind but you can find on Amazon.com, Overstock.com and through a simple google search

owl-designedI would have to say in the bedroom, the floating night stands custom made by Owl Designed are the room’s MVP.  Why?  Because everyone needs a nightstand even when you have no room for a nightstand!  It’s totally customizable and has a decent sized drawer for all your I don’t even want to know’s.  Well designed Owl Designed!


And there you have it!  If you want to check out how this bohemian jungle came to life, read on!  From Pictures to Perfect: Making Meghan Hughes Concrete Loft Lush and (Dream) Livable!