It might be tiny but this once empty pool house turned high brow lash studio offers up some major inspiration in a modern yet bohemian kind of way — and it’s all packed into just 108 square feet.  So whether you’re drawn to the watercolored walls, the modern fixtures or the couldn’t be more perfect rug, there’s no denying the impact of the small space and its’ ability to make you lose any sense of its’ zip code as you take in all it has to offer.

work begins front

Now I know I’m bias, but this is just the kind of room that is both calming and inviting without being predictable or dull.  It sets the cool and collected tone as soon as soon you enter and promises not to disappoint as your eyes move from wall to wall.  It’s full of life and color without overwhelming and is sleek and modern while still warm and welcoming.  It is in short, a spectacular room for you to appreciate with your eyes closed.   Because it is after all an eyelash extension studio.

forward view wall side shot live corner

So why go to all the trouble?  For the experience, for the pampering, for the feeling.  It’s hard to feel luxurious and pampered and special sitting a little white room, right?  And you’re gonna have to open your eyes again at some point.  And it’s at that moment when you first close your eyes and then when you open them again, that matters.  Where you are and what you are surrounded by matters.  This is when the magic happens, when your environment elevates you, sets the tone and evokes a feeling.  This is what a good room can do, whether you’re conscious of it or not, and this was Megan’s goal, to transport you out of your current environment and into one you welcome with awe and excitement — and then of course, closed eyes!

So that’s the why of it all, now here’s the how and the what for anyone who wants to create this look.

To lay the foundation for the modern bohemian vibe we chose the Faded Geo Kilim from West Elm, the side chair and dresser are Home Goods scores, as are the faux animal heads, the pillows are from Urban Outfitters and the hexagon mirrors are Target.  The amazing white clock is F. Bubani and the modern hooks, Urbancase, both from  I found the planters at CB2 and the walls – those warercolor walls!  They were done with Behr paint and lots of time and patience and the wooden crates we stained and used to hide the AC unit and create shelves are from Michael’s.

rug chair wall wall side shot

clock  hooks  chair

wall 2 wall 1 wall finished

half wall tight AC hide live corner

And there you have it!  A calming oasis of cool revealed!