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Last year when the calendar turned to October 1, our house was one of the first on the block fully decorated.  And when I say fully decorated, I mean Sebastian and I spent 2 solid days preparing our house for the “candy” holiday  — and we were able to do so because the inside had been decked out for nearly 2 weeks.  How I managed to hold him off those two weeks I have no idea.  This year however, life is bit crazier  — I don’t even have costumes for the twins yet let alone time to carve a pumpkin.

So, this year, not wanting to disappoint, I came up with 60 second pumpkins — it’s like speed dating for pumpkins.  You’re in and you’re out in 60 seconds per pumpkin, I swear.  Less is more here, but definitely not boring, you can still have some of the cutest pumpkins on the block!