After I wrote Love Life Like Lindsey, I got to work on creating the vision board or mood board for Lindsey’s space, or one similar as this is currently on my wall and doesn’t surround a vanity.  But I did so because I wanted a test run before installing her actual wall for several reasons, the most important being it’s tone.  I wanted to have an actual reference sample so that we could have a meaningful conversation on what she wants her inspiration board to look like and find out what images do the best job for creating the emotions and feeling that truly inspire her.   And I wanted to do this because like me, she doesn’t take these things lightly, she understands fully that attitude is everything and the power of a good mood is truly magnetic.

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Everyone has heard the phrase “attitude is everything” and if you think about it, your attitude is driven by your emotion, meaning a good attitude is powered by positive emotions and a bad attitude sinks you with negative emotion.   And I’m pretty sure just about everyone understands from experience that once you get the ball rolling in either direction, it has a tendency to keep right on rolling and rolling and rolling — until something shifts.  You gotta get happy or stay happy no matter what.  

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Enter the mood board or vision board, whatever you’d like to call it.  It’s more than a pretty collection of pictures and affirmations affixed to a wall –or it can be when done right.  While a vision board yes, is a collection images you like or trinkets that mean something or motivational sayings, the real key to creating this board is to create a positive mood.  It doesn’t matter if your board is about health, fitness, life, fashion, family, or a combination of anything — at the heart of it should be things that move you, things that evoke an emotional response to whatever you desire, things that make you smile and create bliss.  Because adding emotion to your thoughts is secret ingredient to making those pictures your reality or keeping you safe in your current one.  

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And this is why I wanted to mock one up for Lindsey, to keep her good ball rolling.  Yes, I did it because I wanted it to be visually stunning, but I also wanted it to make her feel good every time she saw it, which is not much different from why I love doing what I do — I help people feel good about how they live by setting their home up with their happy.  There’s no denying the powerful connection between your home and your happy and when the two come together, that’s when and where people thrive.  And I love being a part of that connection and seeing the joy that can come from truly loving how you live.

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So, if you want to elevate your space and your attitude and are looking for a meaningful way to do it, the vision board gets my vote every time because “that which you focus upon, attracts and expands.”  And if you really want the board to work it’s magic, try going 24 hours complaint free and after you’ve finished your board, be grateful for what you do have.  Don’t focus on what you don’t want or what you aren’t, all that will get you is more of what you don’t want!  And one final tip, think BIG, what do you have to lose!